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When it comes to your money, the sooner you start planning the better. If you are a business owner, or a professional planning for retirement, then we can help you understand, simplify and bring order to your financial life. We can then help you put a proactive plan in place, providing you with regular and personalised care, so that you don’t run out of money.

Our promises

We recognise that many people are put off seeking professional financial advice because they fear it is expensive, and worry they could end up losing money. That is why Sheraton Financial Planning makes three clear promises:

  1. We will deal with you openly, honestly and with complete integrity
  2. We will deliver you value for money, and save you time
  3. We will be there for you year after year, helping you turn your plan into a reality

How we can help you manage your money

We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Inheritance, income and capital gains tax mitigation
  • Trust and estate planning
  • School/university fees planning
  • Long term care