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On the money.




How we help

And if you don’t know the “your future”, we can help you to find that too.

To start your journey, all you need to do is to get in touch. 

→ The only time you should ever look back is to see

    how far you’ve come. YOUR MONEY is part of this.


→ We’ve been helping clients on their journeys for

    over 15 years.


→ Sometimes a journey can be complicated. 

    Sometimes it can be simple.



→ If it’s complicated, we help to make it simple. If it is

    simple, we make sure you don’t miss anything along

    the way or deviate from YOUR PLAN.


→ We don’t talk in financial jargon. We don’t leave all

    of your ‘stuff’ you have collected to act in isolation.

    We don’t leave you with any outstanding questions.


→ We bring everything together and make sure all of

    it is working to help you towards your destination,




Our proposition is built on financial planning. 

Taking a holistic approach to achieving financial wellbeing and peace of mind.
This will often include many of the areas shown and is usually dependent on the client’s lifestage.

→ Retirement planning: 

    funding retirement lifestyle choices


→ Investment planning: 

    managing established portfolios


→ Wealth accumulation: 

    strategies to build investment portfolios


→ Inheritance, income and capital gains 

    tax mitigation


→ Passing wealth to future generations 

    through trust and estate planning


→ Gifting to charity


→ Funding school and university fees



We host an initial discovery meeting, at our expense, without any charge or obligation. If there is a match between your needs and our services, we will take you through our structured six-step advice process. 


Working together : Together through a structured collaborative process with your plan, 

not ours, and clarifying what needs to be done to meet your needs and objectives.



Keeping up to date : It’s your plan, and life is not a linear journey but one of twists and turns, 

so the plan needs to adapt and corrections made to keep things on track.



Planning ahead : There is always the unexpected, and we are aways happy to provide 

additional assistance and planning as required.



Emotional times : There are times in the media and life in general when emotions might 

creep in and make decisions difficult.  We can help in these times and look at events in 

a non-emotional way and act as a sounding board if required.


We can help you organise,

visualise and realise your

financial goals.


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